Three dark crowns

Three dark queens Are born in a glen, Sweet little triplets Will never be friends. Three dark sisters All fair t be seen, Two to devour And one to be queen.

Things I want to do this summer

Hi, guys! So, summer is here. Finally. It's over with the endless piles of homework, waking up at certain hours, pop quizzes and the- God forbid- exam season. But, with the freedom that it offers, summer can also be (and kind of is) a synonym for procrastination, sleeping until noon, and doing all your summer projects the week... Continue Reading →

March TBR

It`s the 7th of March 2017 today and I have read a total of eighteen books this year, which isn`t that bad after all but I do need to step up my game if I want to achieve my goal of 100 books. I do have a February wrap-up on my youtube channel ,if you... Continue Reading →

The Infernal Devices

WARNING: These books play with your feelings! They will make you cry, laugh and scream. They are amazing and they will take over your life. Not only they will give you all the feels but you will become obsessed with them. It`s a given. And also, you are going to have an unexplained determination to... Continue Reading →

You need to read these books!!

Are you looking for some high quality fantasy books? Books that are gonna make you laugh, cry and theorize? Characters that are gonna make you love them until the end of your days? Then you`re looking for The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. So, if you know something about me you know that I adore... Continue Reading →

Percy Jackson

WARNING: If you start this series, you will fall in love with it and ignore all other human interactions until you finish all the books. It is also extremely funny, so people might stare at you for laughing out loud. So, Percy Jackson, huh? I have finally read it. And I ADORED it.  It is... Continue Reading →


I am magical. I am immortal. I have lived  so many lives, been to so many places, I fought so many battles, and I`m twelve. How? By reading.

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