The Infernal Devices

WARNING: These books play with your feelings! They will make you cry, laugh and scream. They are amazing and they will take over your life. Not only they will give you all the feels but you will become obsessed with them. It`s a given. And also, you are going to have an unexplained determination to read every single book by Cassandra Clare.

Man, these books really are great. If you want proof then I suggest you click here to read my article where I convince you to read this series. But, for those of you who already read it, I`m gonna tell you what they are about.

We follow this girl by the name of Tessa Gray, she used to live with her aunt and her brother, Nate, (he moved to London about a year ago) but when her aunt dies, she goes to live with him. When she gets there, instead of meeting her brother,(please note that this is happening in Victorian times when planes weren`t a thing) she gets captured by two women known by the name of The Dark Sisters. They train Tessa to use her power, a power she never knew she had- transforming into other people, even entering their thoughts. After six weeks of being kept as a prisoner, the two sisters start preparing Tessa for her wedding with this mysterious man called the Magister. While waiting in her room a (quite handsome) young man comes and saves her. We later find out that he was a shadowhunter- a half angel, half human being.

A lot of other things happen as well but I think you should discover them on you own. Well, I do have one last thing I want you to know before you dive into this series. There is a love triangle. DO NOT PANIC!! It is the one and only love triangle that is, how do I put this, PERFECT!!! This is what made this series so popular, the beauty that is this love triangle, this generally awful trope that just became the best thing ever. And also, if you`ve read my other article than you know how much they affected me. Lets just say that while reading the end of Clockwork Princess I cried, for the first time ever (I have cried before but not while reading a book), and then I felt all of the feels…



For those of you  who have read the books- let`s discuss!!!





This book, man… It gave me all of the feels. ALL OF THEM. It was beautiful and heartbreaking and PERFECT!! But since I can`t stay here all day I am going to tell you a bit more about my ships.

  1. Tessa and Will- I can`t even begin to express my love for them. They are just so perfect and… Will… I can`t even make it into words..! They love each other from the moment they first met, from their love of books, from how they make each other laugh and how Will quotes poetry, from how they think the same, and understand each other… I am just going to stop here before I start crying.
  2. Tessa and Jem- What a way of making a good ending. I would of never guessed that he would come back to being mortal, cured, and finally be with Tessa. I was mind-blown. Just..! It was so satisfying to see her be with Jem without seeing Will suffer and… I don`t have words for it.
  3. Gabriel and Cecily- This one comes after Wessa and Jessa because I loved how Gabriel got redeemed and I also think Cecily is very badass. I loved how when they first meet Gabriel gave her a five for her knife throwing skills and at the end she gives him a five for his kissing skills and… Oh, so beautiful!
  4. Charlotte and Henry- I was so happy when they finally admitted their feelings for each other and then Charlotte had a baby and..! It was just a highlight to see them figure their relationship out. They are perfect for each other!!
  5. Gideon and Sophie- Well, that was unexpected. They have such a cute relationship and it is so beautiful seeing Sophie happy and letting go of her past, and Gideon was very sweet as well (do you remember how he ordered all those cupcakes just to see Sophie, even if she gets mad at him later, it`s still kind of sweet)

My favorite book was Clockwork Princess and, quick question, did you cry at the epilogue? If you didn`t than you are a robot. How could you shed a tear?! I felt heart broken and you didn`t even cry?!?!? Now, in case you forgot, this is what happened in the epilogue: we fast forward to 2008 and Tessa is wearing normal teenage clothes. She looks at her vintage bracelet and we find out that it was Will`s gift to her for their 30th anniversary. She starts looking back on her life and how she had kids and became a grandmother- with Will. She thinks of how she got old and he died, happy, with the love of his life and a loving family, but still… HE DIED!!!!!! And back in present times- Jem has come back from Silent brotherhood and he is cured and he is going to be with Tessa and… My heart was like this:


I`m pretty sure Cassandra Clare is evil because I can`t imagine how someone can make me feel what I felt while hysterically crying ( more details on that here) and still be a saint.

I would go on for ever but, sadly, I can`t. I will have booktalks on my youtube channel so we can continue the discussion there if you want. If there is a specific thing you want me to write about than I will do it, so please leave your suggestions down below. Have a wonderful day and I`ll see  you next time! Bye!!

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