You need to read these books!!

Are you looking for some high quality fantasy books? Books that are gonna make you laugh, cry and theorize? Characters that are gonna make you love them until the end of your days? Then you`re looking for The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.

So, if you know something about me you know that I adore Harry Potter and that I live for it. If you are also a big fan then I think you can understand that saying that you love something as much as HP is a very big statement. Well… I like this trilogy as much as I like Harry Potter. Yeah, I said it. Well, don`t get me wrong, Harry Potter is great BUT most people adore it so much not only because of the content but also because of the emotional bond they have with it. Well, I`m a kid. It is now that I am forming those emotional bonds and since I haven`t been there to see the books when they first came out, I can`t get the same experience as other people did. And also, I`ve seen the movies first. And even if I don`t like to say it, that ruined my experience. I haven`t gotten the chance to cry at character deaths and feel broken the next day. But with this trilogy it`s a different story.

If you have ever watched a booktube video chances are that The Infernal Devices have been mentioned. So I always wanted to read them but didn`t really ask for them. But then, when it was around my birthday (27th of January, which was last week) someone gave them to me (if you`re reading this than THANK YOU!!). So I started reading Clockwork Angel- it was good at first but not quite brilliant, and after half of it, I flew through it in one sitting, meaning that I stayed up until very late at night. And so I read it in two days. The next morning I started Clockwork Prince and the next day when I went to school I finished the last 10 pages. But I was prepared. Thinking that I would finish the book and not have anything to read for the rest of the day I did get Clockwork Princess in my backpack. So that day I carried two large books, that are taller then average, with me in my already-heavy backpack. When I got home I flew through the rest of it and stayed up until about 01:30 in the morning. That night I cried hysterically because of the ending. And the next morning, oh boy, I was felling devastated, like my family died, like someone shot trough my soul. I think it was I made it clear that I wasn`t feeling ok and my dad asked me what happened. I tried to explain to him the emotional trauma that I was feeling and why that is but I just ended up crying all over my breakfast. I spent the rest of the day telling people what had happened and also getting weird stares in response.

But today I started thinking about this book and, while looking on Pinterest, I found a picture of a very emotional paragraph from Clockwork Princess, so, naturally, I started tearing, not very badly but still.

Now, if you want to know more about The Infernal Devices than you should give a comment down below and I will start writing an actual article about it. I might post it sooner if you request it so don`t forget to do that. But right now I just wanted to share a fun story about me fangirling. Thanks for reading my article! Bye!!!

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