Percy Jackson

WARNING: If you start this series, you will fall in love with it and ignore all other human interactions until you finish all the books. It is also extremely funny, so people might stare at you for laughing out loud.

So, Percy Jackson, huh? I have finally read it. And I ADORED it.  It is an action packed middle grade fantasy series, that  follows the main character Percy Jackson (who is also the funniest narrator ever) in his journey. After discovering that he`s a half- blood, meaning that one of his parents was a god, he gets accused of stealing Zeus` lighting bolt. So he goes on a quest, in hopes to find the bolt and return it to Zeus before the summer solstice, which is in 10 days.

And a lot of other things happen, too, but I can`t talk about them without spoiling them. You can click here if you want to see the videos I did on my channel, where I talk separately about every book in this series. So, before I go in more detail, I will give you my rankings of the books and what my favorites where.

  1. The last Olympian- 100%
  2. The titan`s curse- 97%
  3. The lighting thief- 95%
  4. The battle of the labyrinth- 95%
  5. The sea of monsters- 93%

And now, I will suggest you leave if you have not read the whole Percy Jackson series because I will get into spoilers. I think people of all ages can enjoy it and you should give them a try.


Now, if you have read the book, let`s discus it.


I will give a quick synopsis of what happens, in case you forgot-  After finding out not only that he is a demigod, but also the son of one of the Big Three, Poseidon, to be exact, he gets accused by Zeus of being the Lighting thief. He goes on a quest, with Annabeth and Grover, hoping to get to the underworld, to get the lighting back from Hades, who they thought was the thief. But after an adventure packed trip from New York to L.A.(where the gate to the underworld was) and a fight with Ares, the god of war, he finds out Cronous has been trying to get back from the depths of Tartar and has been using Luke as his spy.

In the second book, Percy finds out his new best friend is not only a Cyclops, but Poseidon`s son, making Tyson Percy`s brother. So it turns out that Grover has been kidnapped  by Polifem, who wants to merry Grover, believing that he`s a girl. So they go and tell Dionysus but he picks Clarisse, an arrogant daughter of Ares, to go on this mission. But Percy and Annabeth go anyways, sailing towards the Sea of monsters, known by mortals as the Bermuda triangle. Lots of things happen, Percy gets turned into a pig, but I want to keep this kinda short. So they go and save Grover and also get the golden fleece, that they needed in order to save the tree that was guarding the camp, the tree that was once a girl named Thalia. So on their way back to the camp, they meet up with Luke and Percy sends Clarisse with the fleece, and he stays behind. At the end they put the fleece on the tree, and not only does it heal it but it transforms Thalia back into a human.

In the third book, Percy, Annabeth and Thalia go to find two demigods named Nico and Bianca. They find them but then a manticore named Thiron attacks. So, they fight him, almost losing, but then Artemis comes with her huters ( a group of girls that have sworn loyalty to her, meaning that they can never have a romantic relationship with any boy, but they become immortal) and they save the day. That is if you consider losing Annabeth a win. But after a while they go on a quest to find Artemis who was kidnapped. Grover, Annabet, Thalia, Bianca and Zoe get chosen to go on this mission, but Percy joins them on his Pegasus. So they fight a bunch of monsters, do tons of cool things, but when they get to the junk pile of Hefaistos, and Bianca steals a figurine for her brother Nico. But then, all the junk transforms into a giant robot and attacks them. Bianca sacrifices herself to stop the giant, and so, they have one person less.Grover goes back to camp, to guide a creature named Bessie, and Percy, Annabeth and Thalia go to save Artemis, who was trapped somewhere close to where we later learn was Zoe`s old home. When we see her, she was holding up the sky, a job incredibly difficult to do, and almost impossible. We also see Anabeth who is very tired, and we learn that she was also forced to hold the sky. A battle stars, at the end of witch Zoe dies, becoming a beautiful constellation. At the end Artemis asks Thalia to be one of her hunters, and she agrees.

In the forth book, we get to see Rachel Elizabeth Dare, a girl who could see trough the Mist. After getting attacked by demonic cheerleaders, Percy heads off to camp, and we learn about the Labyrinth, an underground labyrinth, that could make get  you anywhere, and that was going to be used by Luke when they find a way to navigate through it. So Annabeth, Tyson, Grover and Percy go into the labyrinth, and try to find the one who build it, and was able to walk around the labyrinth without getting lost. So, on their way, they get to Heifaistos. He tells them to kick out whoever was in one his old workshops. They go there but on the way Grover gets a call from Pan and he goes to find him. Tyson comes with him, in hopes of protecting each other. So Annabeth and Percy go to the workshop, that was in a volcano. It was full of weirs creatures with dog heads. They find Percy, and he tells Annabeth to go. She kisses him, and leaves. And Percy creates a huge wave of water, that does not only, sweep out all the creatures, but gets him to land on a weird island, which we learn is Calipso`s Island. Calipso falls in love with Percy but he decides he can`t stay with here for ever. He heads off to Camp Half-Blood where they find a way of navigating trough the Labyrinth. The use Rachel to guide them to Dedal, who was actually Quintus, their new teacher. On their way to him they discover that Kronos is now back, but has taken Luke`s body. At the end there`s a huge battle, and Dedal decides to end his life, ending the labyrinth with him.

The fifth book, my personal favourite, is full of action and there is a character death in the first chapter. In the beginning Beckendorf and Percy go on Luke`s ship and try to blowit up, in hopes of delaying their attack. But Beckendorf gets caught and tells Percy to go away, so they wouldn`t both die. Let`s fastforward a bit- Percy bathes I the river Styx, and becomes physically unbreakable. And then BOOM! The whole New York is asleep and Kronos is on his way. So all the half-bloods (except the Ares kids, because Clarisse was mad) try to protect New York. They get ready for the battle, knowing that they are outnumbered but Thalia and the hunters come, and help them win the battle. After the first battles, the centaurs come and help them, so at night Kronos comes back with his army. Before the third night, when Percy`s army was weak, Kronos strikes back by making a drakon, a gigantic poisonous snake, attack Empire State building, where the entrance to Olympus was. But luckily, the Ares kids showed up, with Clarisse leading them. She attacks the drakon but gets hit with poison. But right then and there an unarmed Clarisse comes in. They go to see who the dying girl was and it turned out to be Selena, Aphrodite`s daughter, Beckendorf`s girlfriend, and, something we learn just then and there, and a spy who was working for Kronos. Then Clarisse attacks the drakon, without an armour or any protection, and kills him almost instantly. But later that night, Kronos himself comes in, and after a lot of  fighting, Luke takes over his own body and kills himself, knowing that Kronos will die with him.

Well, that was not quick … But I adore this series! It is so funny and the romance in it is not overwhelming but is still present, something that I appreciate so much! I am so excited to read the Heroes of Olympus series, and my mom ordered the first two books in English, and the first book in The trials of Apollo series.

What was your favorite moment? Please tell me in the comments. And also, please recommend me some of your favorite books!


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